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         We welcome you to explore this website, and to revisit it regularly for new features. We hope you gain new insights and perspectives here, ones that may help in your life and work, as well as in "building the bioregion." We ask only that you credit where you got the insight!

          We welcome specific contributions of knowledge and expertise in doing what Gary Snyder called "the real work" of our time, especially in helping build this website as the "house of Cascadia." Let us know what skills you wish to offer. Also, if you have corrections or extensions of material here, please let us know.

If you like what you see here, and want to use it, some basic rules apply:

• You can't sell any of our material, or make money from it.


• You can't take what you didn't create without permission!


Now for the legalese....


Permission to Use


READ CAREFULLY! Different provisions apply.


NOTE: All original work on this website is copyrighted.


"Use" includes, but is not limited, to downloading, reproducing, distributing, altering, or transmitting materials from this website, especially text, images, and photos.


1. Commercial usage of any material herein in any form is prohibited--that means selling the material, making money from it, or otherwise gaining financial support from its use.


2. Non-profit groups may use short sections of text and images for educational purposes only, with attribution and proper citation (e.g. "Cascadia Institute, © 2010, used with permission).


3. "If you alter, transform, or build-upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same license as this one" ( 2010)


4. It is a condition of responsible use that if your electronic site enables the copying or transmission of copyrighted material, even altered or transformed, you must make sure that the proper original attribution/citation is directly attached to the material to be used, and further, insist, as a condition of use in turn, that each user at the next step in the transmission chain abide by the same license, and finally, cease such enabling if license is violated.


5. All photographs remain the property of the photographer/owner—contact them directly for permission to use.



Keep Information Credible--Provide Sources!



                                                                            & Respect the Creative Rights of Authors!



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